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FrenchFlair Audio

Audio Acoustics has become a dealer of FrenchFlair Audio for end users in theater and pop stages.

Exquisite architectural environments deserve tailored audiovisual solutions. FrenchFlair Audio brings a complete range of forward-thinking, modern and innovative products. Proudly made in France, French Flair’s solutions will allow for the first time to harmonize the technical and visual requirements encountered in a large number of projects.

A well-known and beautiful series from FrenchFlair Audio is the Design AS-Series.

TheSeries is capable of spectacular visual innovation, and aims to meet the needs of integrated architecture, interior decoration and furniture design. The AS series loudspeakers and accessories come in endless combinations of colors and materials. Matching the loudspeakers’ visuals to the interiors and placing them at the forefront is a major asset of the AS series for an optimum sonic experience.

The AS-Series speakers are available in standard versions, featuring slick black or white bodies (RAL9011 or RAL9016) and a grill covered with a satin and aluminum shiney acoustic cloth. This dual tone made by this mix of black or white paint, along with the aluminum fabrics , stands as a subtle and elegant standard offer.

The shape of the AS-3, the AS-5 and the AS-8 might look simple. Install the speaker and see how it reveals a timeless yet modern design. A shape that flatters the eye, in all types of applications and all integration solutions : alone, as a ceiling spot, on a piece of furniture, when suspended or used in cluster.

The AS-S10 is a subwoofer that stands out thanks to its rounded corners and discret design, and with a great size-to-output ratio. Manufactured with the greatest care and precision, the AS-S10 features a finish comparable to high class furniture.

Custom Finishes

The AS series loudspeakers and accessories go
through an industrial painting process, based on
durable and homogeneous powder coating. In
their standard versions, black or white, the products
feature a specific ultra matt and very fine texture finish.
For AS custom models French Flair can adapt any RAL color or
surface treatment that can be applied to their aluminum products,
limited only by your imagination.

The front faces of the loudspeakers add to the
design as well. Choose between 20 different shades,
as you would for a fashion accessory! A large choice
of acoustically transparent fabrics, from matt to
shiny colors and metallic tones, is available and
comes over the speaker protection grille.

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